Department of Forestry

Department of ForestrySince 1948, the university began teaching forestry, and to date, hundreds of forestry specialists have been trained.

Graduates of this specialization and later becoming Doctorates of Science are Nazim Akhundov, Mahmud Khalilov, Karam Asadov, Fazil Hajiyev and Yusif Agayev.

Among these well-known forestry scientists are Mehdi Mustafayev, a graduate of AAI, Hero of Socialist Labor, who became Deputy Minister and Minister of Forestry for 30 years.

Taking into account the high demand for foresters and ecologists in the country, in 1989, on the initiative of Professor Vahid Guliyev, was established the current department of "Ecology and Forestry" under the name "Environmental Protection".

After the admission of students majoring in "Forestry" in 1990, the Department of "Environmental Protection" was renamed "Department of Forestry and Environmental Protection", after the admission of students to the speciality "Ecology" (1996), the department was renamed "Department of Ecology and Forestry" and still operates under this name.

Until 2010, the department was headed by Professor V. Guliyev, in 2010-2017, Associate Professor M.A. Bayramov.

Currently, the department is headed by Professor Zakir Abbas oglu Ibrahimov. The department provides training at the bachelor's, masters, and doctoral levels.

Certain periods of the life of a famous scientist, teacher, academician Hasan Aliyev were directly related to the ADAU that he graduated from.

He has made a valuable contribution to the development of many scientists working here as scientific personnel. Since 2007, the Department of Ecology and Forestry has been named after Academician Hasan Aliyev. The department joins a number of international projects in the field of ecology and forestry and cooperates with the relevant departments of universities of Russia, Turkey, Austria, Germany and the United States.

Employees of the department have published more than 150 scientific articles in the last 5 years, including "Forest Plants", "Forest Structure", "Forest Taxation", "Practicum on Agricultural Ecology", "Fundamentals of Industrial Production", "Forestry", “Forestry and Forest Ecology ”and other textbooks, manuals, programs, and methodical instructions.

The department participates as a consultant and expert in solving the environmental problems of Ganja, as well as other cities and regions of the republic, landscaping, creating new nature reserves and National Parks, establishes close relations with the Departments of Forest Development and Biodiversity Protection of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources as well as maintains close ties with the regional forestry centers of the Ministry, operating in the regions, and regional departments of environmental protection.

The department conducts research in the field of ecology and forestry. In this regard, are considered important issues such as ensuring forest restoration, efficient use of forest resources, increasing the sustainability of forest ecosystems, and the conservation of biodiversity and economically important tree species in forest ecosystems.

The department conducts research in 2 directions of "Environmental problems of natural resources in the Lesser Caucasus and ways to solve them" : "Current state and ways to improve the broad-leaved mountain forest landscape in the Lesser Caucasus" and "Environmental problems and improvement of summer pastures."

The department cooperates with relevant universities of CIS countries, Georgia Technical University, Artvin Coruh University of Turkey, Kastamoni University, Black Sea Technical University, Vienna University of Natural Sciences, Austria, Gottingen University, Germany, Institute of Forestry and Forest Ecology, Poznan University of Natural Sciences, Poland and others in the field of science and education. In recent years, the department has cooperated closely with the Faculty of Forestry of Poznan University of Life Sciences (PULS) as part of ERASMUS + the European Union's cooperation program in science, education and culture.

The department also closely cooperates with US universities. Within the framework of the program of the International Academic Exchange Council (CES) of the US Department of State "FULBRIGHT", several scientists of the department have carried out research projects on long-term business trips to the Universities of California (2007) and Luta (2008-2009).

In the field of studying the plant resources and Genetic fund of Azerbaijan, the department participates in expeditions to study the Genetic fund of local ancient varieties of nut and subtropical plants, grapes, and their wild ancestors of the biological diversity of forest landscapes in Azerbaijan.

During international plant research expeditions (2007-2012), materials of both nut and subtropical plants, wild and native varieties of grapes were collected and stored for a long time in the network of the National Genplasma Bank established in the United States.

In connection with the training of specialists in "Forestry" and "Ecology" at the University, the department cooperates with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources and the Ministry's regional offices, Ganja Regional Ecology Department, Goygol National Park, Eldar Pine State Reserve. The department also cooperates with Gadabay, Goygol, Tovuz, Yevlakh, and Regional Forestry Centers.

The teaching staff of the department consists of 20 people (doctor of sciences, professor - 1 person; doctor of philosophy, associate professor - 12 people (1 professor of ADAU); senior teacher - 2 people; assistant - 5 people)


Samedov Vidadi Samad oglu


Ashrafov Sahib Alakbar oglu
Deputy Dean, senior lecturer

Shukurov Valeh Karam oglu
Associate professor

Bagirova Aygun Khalid gizi
Associate professor

Babakishiyeva Tarana Sabir gizi
Assistant, Ph.D in biology

Eyyubova Afsana Mohvat gizi